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    Commercial & Industrial ESS

    50kw 100kw 200kw 500kw 1mw Industrial And Commercial Energy Storage Cabinets With Solar Inverter


    Type 100kW/107kWh
    Battery Parameters
    Cell LFP 150Ah
    Pack 51.2V 150Ah
    Rated Voltage 716.8V (14 modules series)
    Battery capacity 150Ah
    Rated energy 107.52kWh
    Usable energy 96.768kWh(90% DOD)
    Voltage range 627.2V~806.4V
    Max.Charging power 100KW
    AC On-grid parameters
    inverter 100KW
    Grid Type 3W+N+PE
    Rated Charge/Discharge Power 100kW
    Rated Grid voltage AC230V/400V
    Applicable grid frequency 45~55Hz/55~65Hz
    Rated current 144A
    THDi <3%
    Power factor 1(Leading)~1(Lagging)
    AC Off-grid parameters
    Rated Charge/Discharge Power 100kW
    Max Output power 110KVA
    Rated Grid voltage AC400V
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
    THDi ≤1% linear; or≤5% nonlinear
    Rated current 144A
    Photovoltaic input
    Max Input Power 120kW
    MPPT Voltage Range 250~850V
    General Parameter
    Dimension:W*D*H(mm) 1450mm*1350mm*2340mm
    Max. Weight 2100KG
    IP Degree IP54
    Operating Temperature Range 一20~50℃
    Relative Humidity 0~95%(No condensation)
    Attitude <2000m
    Cooling Method Heat Ventilation Air Conditioner
    Noise ≤75dB
    System Efficiency ≥85%
    Firefighting system Integrated
    Communication  Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP

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